We think the same but differently… everyone wants the same things for different reasons. We look for ourselves, some look for themselves in the wrong places and end up lost. What we see,do and learn creates our logic and view of life. Once you find your hook and motive, your gonna be okay…



She discovers new things about her self through the moments of her life. It seemed every weekend things either got way better or way worse. She ran from that life so now every time something happens she breaks down. She realizes that instead of looking for someone to love her… to love herself.

Prologue of L$D

This story is about us, us trying to make it. Each of us struggle to find our place in the world and to express ourselves. What they begin to realize through the story is that life is what they make it. There all extremely talented and try to make in the world and there ambition keeps them going. They also go though pain in this journey from love for each other, failure and they world around them that seems to keep crashing down. There life will become crazier as the story goes on but we will also begin to grow close to the characters and understand them.